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The Pneumo Pro DVD kit includes two training straws, but when teaching you will obviously need more than just two.  (The DVD demonstrates how to use them to help with playing in the higher registers.)

These straws have a flat end and a tiny opening to resemble a high note lip opening when not playing forte.   We have found that they greatly help students learn the correct lip opening when playing high notes.
1) Hold the straw with the wet part of the lips using a flute embouchure.
2) The tiny opening will create a lot of resistance.
3) Blow packing peanuts and then progress to little pieces of paper wads. Having a battle to see who can blow the most pieces of paper wads off the table in a minute.
4) Write names on a mirror while blowing through the straw.  This will encourage the use of supported warm air.
5) While looking in the mirror, blow through the straw and then remove the straw while trying to maintain the same lip opening. (This is especially helpful for students with teardrops or multiple lip openings.)
Each box of straws contains approximately 1,000 straws.  (No we do not count them!)
I’m always amazed how quickly we go through these straws.

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