Teacher’s Studio Winter Special Package


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6 Pneumo Pro Wind Directors, Great Beginnings DVD, Flute Tutor, Blocki Flute Teacher’s Manual Book 1, Blocki Flute Duet Book 1, 2 Blow Pipe Crocodiles
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The Pneumo Pro/DVD Christmas Special package includes:

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6  Pneumo Pros Wind Directors

1 Great Beginnings DVD

1  Flute Tutor
1 Blocki Flute Method Book 1 Teacher’s Manual
1 Blocki Flute Method Duet Book 1

Two Blow Pipe Crocodiles

Latest Pneumo Pro Review:

I recently have just started using the Pneumo Pro headjoint and I just wanted to contact you to say how completely amazed I am!  I came across it at a flute event I was performing at in the UK and having now experimented with it for a few weeks I am amazed.  As well as using it with my own students I have been using it for a few minutes each morning before my own warm up.  It has created such a brilliant way to allow students to actually see what they are doing regarding speed and direction of airstreams and has also given both myself and my students a visual way to really push the boundaries of our flexibility on the flute.  I cannot thank you enough for coming up with such a superb and useful product!

Best Wishes, Stephen Clark  (solo flutist and teacher throughout Europe)

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