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A Start-Up Kit for Flute Instructors
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The Start-Up Kit includes:

One Pneumo Pro
The NEW Great Beginning’s DVD
One NEW Flute Tutor
Blocki Flute Method Teacher’s Manual Book 1 (NEW 4th edition) with new accompaniment tracks
Blocki Flute Method Teacher’s Manual Book 2
Blocki Flute Method Student Book 1 (NEW 4th edition)
Blocki Flute Method Student Book 2
Blocki Flute Method Duet Book 1 (NEW 4th edition)
Blocki Flute Method Duet Book 2
Blocki Flute Method Book 3

NEW  Keyboard Fun! (a student companion to book 1)
NEW Planning to Play in Tune

Package of training straws

What are the benefits and pitfalls of starting new flutists in both the low and high octaves?


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5 reviews for Teacher’s Package Special

  1. Sue Garton

    Love my Teacher’s Package. It contains all the latest editions of all the Blocki books and tools for teaching. Kathy really understands what motivates young students. The innovation and creativity involved are unparralled!! Thanks so much!

  2. Heidi Begay

    I am so glad I purchased the teacher’s package! First, it was delivered in an extremely timely manner. Second, it has everything that I need in order to start off my academic year with a bang! I don’t have to go to any other music website and purchase an item here and there. All the method books and teaching tools that I need for my younger students was in this package. I would highly recommend these method books to any flute teacher and, or student! Thank you, Kathy!

  3. Kate Murphy

    I had the good fortune to hear Kathy speak at the Australian Flute Festival a few years ago. At the time I bought a book of her duets, which I use constantly and love, and a Pneumo Pro, which I thought was just irresistibly cute. However, it has proved very seriously worth having for beginner students struggling to get a sound and, more especially, for teenagers battling with orthodontic work. Now I am so glad to have more of Kathy’s wonderful resources to incorporate into my teaching and enhance my students’ learning and enjoyment of the flute. What a great package! Thank you.

  4. Carmen Mah Jia Wen

    I’m a flute teacher in Malaysia who have heard of the Kinderflute before. I was led to this website and exposed with the Kathy Blocki method which was quite different from what I’ve experienced learning since young. I’ve tried the method with my students and found it very effective! Thank you for everything!

  5. Tillie Freeman

    I was inspired by 10 year old beginning flute player at church. I miss teaching (but at 80 years old… I don’t miss reed-making)…I decided to buy a flute and ordered this teacher’s package. It was impressive on screen. It is more impressive live. I could see that it was going to be careful and systematic in building a foundation… and it is. In a month I have walked myself through the first 2 books with lots of guidance and the mp3 tracks have helped improve my tone and pitch. Today Emily and I lead the congregation in Amazing Grace and two more flute students have come forward. We’ll soon offer flute quartet hymns. Yesterday I received a flute with curved head-joint and I’m eager to work with a very young student. I’m having a ball and the Blocki system has made it so easy.

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