Luna’s Magic a fairytale for Flute and Piano


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Luna’s Magic a Fairytale for Flute and Piano by Ana and Blaz Pucihar
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Luna’s Magic Flute with CD
a fairytale for flute and pianoBeautifully illustrated by Igor Sinkovec
(Watch YouTube below.)


This musical fairytale features both the story of  Luna’s train ride,
and her musical journey through eleven captivating and expressive solos.The drama peaks when the dragon throws her beloved flute into the sea
….poor Luna!!Kids are enticed into at times, playing with joyful exuberance,
and at other moments to express sad homesickness.In the end, Luna learns the “Power of True Friends”
and finally the comfort of being back home with her family.

Luna’s Magic Flute uses key signatures of up to 2 flats and 2 sharps.
The range is from low D to the third octave A,
but most of the music stays in a moderate range of the flute.

The pieces are slightly easier than those found in “Flutes at Play
and are appropriate for anyone playing in the Blocki Student Book 2 or 3.

All flutists will love reading, listening and playing these expressive pieces.  They are wonderful for either having student play and read the story at recitals, or as a professional playing and reading the story for a children’s concert.

Even beginners will love listening to the story
and captivating playing of  flutist Ana Pucihar.

The “Playful Pony” from Luna’s Magic Flute is a part of the ABRSM
(Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) Syllabus. Grade 5.
Flute at Play” is on the ABRSM recommended list.

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3 reviews for Luna’s Magic a fairytale for Flute and Piano

  1. Jocelyn Beath

    Well produced and an extra opportunity to encourage students to keep up their playing particularly during holidays. also inspire them to make up their own stories and put them to music

  2. Sue Garton

    Love, love, love Luna’s Magic flute. The students are enchanted and motivated by Luna’s inspiring musical journey. Highly recommended!

  3. Maile

    I absolutely love this fairytale for Flute and Piano; it is the best addition to any flute studio. The range of difficulty in the pieces can suit a wide variety of skill levels, and it would make a great recital for all of your studio students. This is actually the second copy I purchased, because my original book that I had purchased from the San Diego NFA flute convention has started to fall apart and I’ve scratched the CD from how often I’ve used it. Highly recommend this! A fun story – and it is fun for non-instrumentalists to narrate the story with you.

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