Di Zhao Mini-Di Beginning Flute


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The Mini Beginning C Flute preschool through early elementary students
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Please call to set up a private Zoom call to see and hear each of these flutes played live.  Of course there is always a week testing period and the flute can be returned if you are not absolutely in love with it!  If needed we can also discuss financing options.  412-773-2869
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The Mini-Di is our top choice  for our youngest flutists.

The added white keys make it easy for children with small hands to finger and hold the flute.  Because the flute only plays down to a low “D” and has the curved head joint, it is much smaller and easier for young students to handle.

This is the flute that I use with all my 4 to 6 years old students.

Due to the excellent workmanship and the cut of the embouchure hole, it is quite easy to produce a beautiful tone on the Mini-Di.

After the 2009 National Flute Convention in NYC, it was obvious that the new Di Zhao’s flutes were a huge hit. I only heard extremely positive comments posted on the various flute lists

please call 412-773-2869 for more information

Arabesque  The students in this video are using Di Zhao Flutes.

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