Di Zhao Bass Flute


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DZB-Bass Flute with Curved Head Joint
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Please call to set up a private Zoom call to see and hear each of these flutes played live.  Of course there is always a week testing period and the flute can be returned if you are not absolutely in love with it!  If needed we can also discuss financing options.  412-773-2869

The DZ-Bass Flute was listed by Chris Potter (Bass flute specialist and chairman of the Low Flutes Committee for the National Flute Association) as one of her recommended picks for bass flute (and the only one in the price range). She liked the Altus brand bass flute better…but the price difference is an extra $4,000! The bass flute extends the range of the flute a full octave below middle C, and has a rich and deep sound. It’s rich low notes add much depth and color to the traditional flute choir. Since the head joint is key to the tone quality of the flute, each head joint is hand-cut with undercuts and overcuts making it easy to produce a full and beautiful sound.  All pads are partially shimmed-a process usually reserved for professional flutes. Every flute is made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance.  Master flute maker, Di Zhao tests and adjusts each instrument in the same manner that the top professional flutes in the U.S. are tested.  All flutes are tuned to A-442 pitch.

Arabesque  The students in this video are using Di Zhao Flutes.

Listen to these wonderful Di Zhao Flutes played by students.

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