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A dozen fun blowing toys to develop breath support.
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Crocodile Eye Pops: This is way too much fun for kids of all ages! Blow a steady stream of air to levitate the crocodile’s eyes. Blow too hard and the eyes will fly away. But with a controlled air stream, the eyes will magically float right above the crocodile’s eye sockets.

This is one of my favorite breath building toys.  If you are in Europe, check out this great website with these and other blowing games.

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3 reviews for Breath-Building Toys

  1. Annemieke de Bruijn

    I highly recommand these fantastic breathing tools. I have lots of experience with my own pupils/kids. See for more gadgets on my website I”m selling these gadgets in Holland and other countries.

  2. Jocelyn Beath

    Lots of fun and a delightful way to introduce the concept of air stream control to a younger player

  3. lisa O’Connor

    My Toots and Doods classes of 5 and 6 year olds LOVE the new toys. I use them at the end of the lesson as motivation/reward for good listening and music making. Its great that they have a visual on what happens when they blow.. especially for softer longer periods. Plus they have little competitions with each other as to who can keep the balls / string up for longest. I have some great photos on my FaceBook page HappytunesMusicMakers.

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