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Pneumo Pro Wind Director and Great Beginning DVD
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Save with the Essential Beginner’s Kit
Blocki Flute Method Book 1 ($19.95)
Pneumo Pro/DVD with training straws ($35.95)
Accompaniment track download cards for CD1  ($5.99) (note: the URL to redeem your download card has changed, please visit to redeem your download card)
Crocodile Blowing Toy ($3.00)
All for $45.00

Included in each kit will be 5 training straws which are used in the DVD for teaching the upper octave and embouchure flexibility.

Flutists, band directors and teachers will  find this kit invaluable for laying the foundations for a beautiful tone.  Though the DVD starts with beginners, any flutists wanting to improve their tone, flexibility and breath support will find it to be quite helpful.

Why should I purchase the Pneumo Pro with the DVD if I am already an advanced player?

   ” I have been a professional woodwind doubler in the New York area performing in the orchestra pit of numerous Broadway shows and have been a very successful freelance musician for decades. I have studied with a number of known and highly regarded teachers.
I have been having a great deal of embouchure problems which no one was able to diagnose and resolve. So I decided, in exasperation, to try your Pneumo Pro with the DVD after seeing it applied on YouTube, knowing full well that it  was really intended for beginning flute students. It was a fraction of the price of one flute lesson where nothing much was accomplished.
Just as the endorsements online raved, in  a couple of days my playing has improved dramatically.But I feel that the DVD, which I was reluctant to buy since I’m already an accomplished musician, is priceless.I have never seen nor heard an explanation for forming the proper flute embouchure as clearly and succinctly as you have. You have helped turn playing the flute from frustration to joy once again.”     Bruce Schaffel NYC

Pneumo Pro instructions in other languages.

What are the benefits and pitfalls of starting new flutists in both the low and high octaves?

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