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These exercises help to teach beautiful flute tone through the use of this fun favorite!
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Each of the 12 Baby Shark Harmonic pages has two different sets of harmonics. A student who has played for a year or has started in multiple octaves will bBaby Sharke able to learn the first part of several of the pages. ALL of the pages are great as a warm-up for players of all levels.

The key to improving tone (especially the high register) is to discover which ones that are the most difficult for you and concentrate on these. Do not try to do the most advanced ones until you are comfortable with the first nine pages

They are best to be digested in bite size bits. Try or assign a new one each week.

Below is a video for the most advanced one:

Dangerously Difficult Harmonics (Advanced High School or University Students) Using Baby Shark

Baby Shark Harmonics (2nd year students through advanced)



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