The Shoemaker’s Dream Picture Book with CD


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The Shoemaker’s Dream is based on the classic short story “Where Love is God Is” by Leo Tolstoy
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Give a gift that shows and teaches Christ’s love and peace.

Join our family tradition of listening to this heart-tugging story each year.

Martin, the shoemaker, dreams
that God will appear to him the next day.
 He waits in anticipation,
but his day is filled with serving others in much need. 
His kindness touches each person, but will his dream come true?

 This is a story our family would read every Christmas and throughout the winter season.
I could never get through it without shedding a few tears.

The proceeds from this beautiful book and CD will go towards Cush for Christ.
All the printing costs have been donated.
Please see



for more information about this incredible ministry.
What a meaningful gift!

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2 reviews for The Shoemaker’s Dream Picture Book with CD

  1. Diane Whitacre

    The long-awaited Shoemaker’s Dream Picture Book and CD did not disappoint! The quality of the book and pages is top rate. The illustrations make the reader want to turn the next page to see the next beautiful picture. The faces and realism is breathtaking and help the reader understand the emotions of the characters. It is so nice to listen to the music and now have the experience of it being part of children’s book. Kathy, Martin and Sarah’s musicianship and care in narration are evident. I plan on getting one for several family members for Christmas this year.

  2. Cindi Gregory

    This is such a beautiful story and the narration, music on the CD and illustrations in the book bring it to life! I have shared this with all of my grandchildren! Thank you Kathy & Martin!

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