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The Flute Tutor (patent pending) is a tool to stop the habit of rolling the flute in to much and covering too much of the embouchure hole.
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Have you ever had a student who always rolled in too far
and consequently
had a flat and thin sound?Once the student has been playing this way for a few months,
it can be almost impossible to correct.When using the Flute Tutor
it is impossible to roll in.

The Flute Tutor (patent pending) is used for:

1)  Correcting habitual poor positioning.

2 )   Insuring that new students use the same position each time they pick up the flute. This will eliminate much frustration and make happy students and teachers!
3 )   Developing embouchure changes in order to play in tune instead of rolling the flute.
4 )   Developing extreme flexibility without rolling the flute in and out.

Q and A:

Does the Flute Tutor work will all flutes?
It does not work with plastic flutes or flutes with a standard curved head joint.

Are there any flutes for young children which can use the Flute Tutor?
The Dz Mini-Di Flute can work with the Flute Tutor.  You will need to order the special lower profile screw.  When using the Flute Tutor with the Mini-Di, we suggest that you put it on the flute and then not disassemble it.  This will mean you will need to find a large fabric bag to transport the Mini-Di with the Flute Tutor attached.  Also, some tape will need to be applied to the flute in order to make the Flute Tutor fit properly.  Having the Flute Tutor attached so that the flute is always in exactly the same position, makes a HUGE difference in progress for many young flutists.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 12 in
Low Profile screw for use with Mini-Di Flute

Low Profile screw for use with Mini-Di Flute, Low Profile screw for use with Mini-Di Flute + Low profile screw

1 review for The Flute Tutor

  1. Diane Whitacre

    As a band instructor, I have always found that standard band method books start flute players much more difficult fingering changes than the clarinets or saxophones in my beginning woodwind classes. My beginning flutists were having difficulty holding the flute correctly while trying to play Bb and C in the staff, then going to D, Eb and F, which are the first 5 notes they learn in our band method book. I ordered a 133 for them, which is a great tool for preventing students from rolling their flute, hoping it would help the student feel more steady while learning their beginning notes. What a difference! The 133 provided an extra support for them, helping them hold the flute correctly while getting used to playing and changing notes. And of course, it also helps the students to not roll their headjoint and ‘fish’ for notes that way. It has proved to be a great tool for these flute students starting out in a standard band class.

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