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A Start-Up Kit for Flute Instructors
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The Start-Up Kit includes:

One Pneumo Pro

The NEW Great Beginning’s DVD (October 2014)Blocki Flute Method Teacher’s Manual Book 1 (NEW 4th edition) with new accompaniment tracks

Blocki Flute Method Student Book 1 (NEW 4th edition)

Blocki Flute Method Duet Book 1 (NEW 4th edition)

Download accompaniment card for CD 1 (note: the URL to redeem your download card has changed, please visit to redeem your download card)

Package of training straws

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  1. Heidi Reiter

    I am thankful to have this great flute teaching program which is helping me to teach a new young flute student age 6. Since I do not have a formal college degree in music education, this is really helping me to help my student learn efficiently with better understanding. 2/4/2021

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