Scaredy Cat Harmonic


These 14 pages of exercises help teach correct rhythm, technique, intonation, and special fingerings
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Okay, we all have a love for those crazy felines.   Right?!?    These flexibility activities play off of these cat escapades and students quickly become engaged in expressing their antics.   The vehicle is through harmonics and trills which in turn develops embouchure flexibility, dexterity, balance and creativity.

Each level should be taught over 3 to 10 sessions to develop flexibility through harmonic playing.  We suggest 5 – 15 minutes at the beginning or end of each lesson.

What’s inside the PDF available for immediate download?   15 pages of pure fun!!

Level One:  Students learn embouchure flexibility through quick one octave jumps. (Even those who have only played a few months can begin these.)

Level Two:  The flexibility extends to harmonics that cover much of the flute range.

Level Three:  The harmonics cover all three octaves of the flute, double tonguing, and a rudimentary understanding of diminished 7th chords.

Use The Cat-tastrophe Story (page 3) to perform together online and to use as an example for students to create their own compositions.

Play together…EVEN ONLINE!1?  

Yes, it is possible to play together online!   No, this is not through each person recording themselves…this is truly playing together–even online. 

If you assign composition projects and post them please let us know!   We will be glad to share them.

Scaredy Cat Harmonics (Beginning to Advanced Students)

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