Great Beginnings for the New Flutist


Learn Beautiful Tone Production in all Octaves of the Flute using the Pneumo Pro
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LL NEW as of October 2014
Great Beginnings DVDThis new DVD includes the many new ideas for teach tone production in all octaves of the flute.  These new ideas reflect the last 15 years of  successfully teaching tone productions to many students.

An incredibly helpful DVD that teaches tone production using the Pneumo Pro. Although this fun and fast paced DVD targets the beginning flutist, many universities currently use the Great Beginnings DVD to instruct future band directors. Each of the six lessons concentrates on a different aspect of tone production for the beginning flutist. While playing along with the DVD, students can master low and high notes, rhythm exercises, head joint songs, and even compose their own head joint melodies. Close-ups of the embouchure in each octave help the students have a crystal clear understanding of the size of the lip opening, placement of the lips, and direction of the air.  Both students and teachers will discover invaluable insights regarding the process of effective beginning flute instruction.

Why should I purchase the Pneumo Pro with the DVD if I am already an advanced player?

” I have been a professional woodwind doubler in the New York area performing in the orchestra pit of numerous Broadway shows and have been a very successful free lance musician for decades. I have studied with a number of known and highly regarded teachers.
I have been having a great deal of embouchure problems which no one was able to diagnose and resolve. So I decided, in exasperation, to try your Pneumo Pro with the DVD after seeing it applied on You Tube, knowing full well that it  was really intended for beginning flute students. It was a fraction of the price of one flute lesson where nothing much was accomplished.
Just as the endorsements online raved, in  a couple of days my playing has improved dramatically.But I feel that the DVD, which I was reluctant to buy since I’m already an accomplished musician, is priceless.I have never seen nor heard an explanation for forming the proper flute embouchure as clearly and succinctly as you have. You have helped turn playing the flute from frustration to joy once again.”     Bruce Schaffel NYC

Pneumo Pro instructions in other languages.

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5 reviews for Great Beginnings for the New Flutist

  1. Steve

    I would like the propellers to be different colors so it is easier to identify which one(s) is spinning.

  2. John Wong

    Excellent tool and scientific way for learning the flute, especially adjusting the embouchure. Recommended for every flutist.

  3. CRCS Music

    Good product— have a flutist with too relaxed embouchure who is trying to retrain her mouth.

  4. Greg Maiocco

    Been using this with all of my flute students. Every band director should have one of these!

  5. Greg Lewis

    I bought the package with the DVD and the PneumoPro. I have not been pleased with my intonation on the flute for a long time. While in Italy, we heard a fabulous flutist, Maurizio Orefice. He is not known here in the states, but he inspired me. So, I went to the Gemeinhardt website where I found the Blocki Flute Method. I am still working on my tone as I work through the DVD together with the PneumoPro. I am looking forward to a great flute tone. BTW, Google Mr. Maurizio Orefice. You will be impressed!

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