Carnival Zoo Sticker Poster


Carnival Zoo Sticker Poster
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Carnival Zoo Sticker Poster is the ultimate motivational tool for learning five-note patterns or scales and arpeggios around the circle of fifths.  As students begin a scale they add a light sticker to the center of the Ferris Wheel to the corresponding key.  Each major key has three lights stickers as students gain mastery and finally earning the animal sticker represents mastery.  The goal is to motivate students to practice and learn each scale as they add more and more keys around the circle of 5ths.   Minor keys are represented by cars on the roller coaster.

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Make learning scales fun!   This large Carnival Zoo Sticker Poster motivates music students of all instruments to learn their five-note patterns, one octave or two octave scales.  (When folded in quarters, the Carnival Zoo poster will fit inside the Five-Note Fun Sticker book.)

Includes 36 “light stickers,”  24 stickers for each major and minor key, and bonus firework stickers.

Students will enjoy mastering their scales as they strive to completely fill their Carnival Zoo Sticker Poster.

Suggested Guidelines:

Select one of the categories: Five-Notes, One Octave Scales, or Two Octave Scales. Place the corresponding title
stickers above the
Circle of Fifths title.

When beginning one of the major keys, place a yellow “light” sticker at the position closest to the center of the Ferris Wheel to show that they have begun learning that key center.

Suggested ways of earning the three yellow light stickers for each key:

1st light – starting to play or memorize the new scale with rhythm patterns or quarter notes.
nd light – play at the same tempo but in 8th notes.
rd light – play at the same tempo but in 16th notes.
th Animal sticker – play through all through 8th notes and 16th notes consecutively at the same tempo memorized.

(Five-note pattern play-a-long YouTube using changing beat levels.)

Bonus stars are earned as students can play three consecutive scale patterns (move clockwise) in a row.

Fireworks stickers can be earned for playing learning six consecutive scales and/or arpeggios.

Music Schools and Group Classes

Each class has their own poster. The individual classes compete against each other to earn the most stickers as a class. Even though classes may be at different levels, they can still compete against each other with beginners learning five-note patterns and the most advance learning two octave scales and arpeggios.

Band and Orchestra Classes

Have a contest between sections of the band or orchestra. Set group goals for each semester.

Possible orchestra divisions:
1) Violin
2) Viola
3) Low string

Possible band divisions:
1) Woodwinds vs Brass (percussion on bells or xylophone.)
2) Flutes and oboes, clarinets and saxophones, high brass, low brass

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