The Thumpy Flute
The Thumpy Flute

The Thumpy Flute

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Add a Pneumo Pro?
What a fun way to spend quality time with your grandchildren or nieces and nephews this holiday season!!

You may want to bring you Pneumo Pro along to help them get the first tone...then they can have fun playing and experimenting with their Thumpy flute.   Just watch the video for some ideas for first notes.  Trying improvising a rhythmic line while they just play their first to notes.

Thumpy is a sturdy instrument and easy to take with you wherever you go!  It can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.  Thumpy offers an excellent experience in learning to play a first flute sound. But it is also a quite complete, versatile and enjoyable instrument.

Compared to the flute head-joint - often used to try to produce the first flute sound - Thumpy extends and deepens the fundamental study level and gives the player an attractive and rich musical experience from the very first flute sound. Since Thumpy is an unconventional and non-chromatic instrument, its simplicity is demanding a musical sense and will naturally develop the embouchure and the breathing. Here the blowing is directly connected with a musical result. From the first practice - and without the usual stress of holding the flute and placing the fingers - we can focus to shape the sound. Once a kid moves on to the a traditional flute, the experience with the Thumpy flute will contribute to a better sound and a relaxed and flexible performance.
The Thumpy

 • Thumpy, a great experience for the beginners
 • suitable for both individual as well as group education
 • to playfully teach a flexible embouchure and a stable tone
 • has lots of musical possibilities
 • to determine a child's talent and interest for the flute, without having to invest in an expensive flute
 • an enjoyable flute for beginners to develop embouchure and tone before switching to the Boehmfluit Kids and Beginners
 • Thumpy, anyone can play it, you don't need any musical knowledge and no difficult fingerings to learn
• play duo with friends
 • easy to take with you
• if, one day, you decide to switch to the bigger flute, it will be much easier thanks to Thumpy
• fun, simple, cool, sturdy, exciting and an enjoyable way to learn to flute Advanced Flutist
• Thumpy, a most enjoyable addition to the (Boehm)-flute • great to further develop flexibility of embouchure and sound
• don't play with your fingers, but play with your breath: sound, colors, harmonics, wind tones, whisper tones, sing along, beat-boxing, improvise…
 • brings you back to the essential elements of playing the flute: breathing and sound

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