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The patented Pneumo Pro has helped thousands of new flutists to quickly learn how to have a beautiful tone. Band directors and flute teachers love how the Pneumo Pro facilitates the correct and consistent placement of the air column, taking the mystery out of tone production. The new Pneumo Pro (patent pending) can be inserted in the body of the flute which allows immediate feedback on the correct placement of the air column even while the students are balancing the flute. Best of all, the students can be silently practicing technical exercises with the Pneumo Pro, while the band or orchestra director is working with other students.

Since I'm and advanced player should I still get the Pneumo Pro with the  DVD?

 For Advanced Students The Pneumo Pro helps with:
 1. Tone production.
 2. Tuning (especially when playing changes in dynamics.)
 3. Focused double and triple tonguing
 4. Smooth and connected flexibility between octaves.
 5. Advanced techniques such as multiphonics.

With the Pneumo Pro inserted into the body of the flute, the student can play through their piece or exercise, while the teacher checks the flexibility, direction and speed of the air column. It is quite helpful to have the student play a piece or exercise on the Pneumo Pro (with it in the flute) while the teacher plays it on the flute.

Pneumo Pro instructions in other languages.
5 Stars
Aiding a Beginner Flute Player
The Pneumo Pro aided my progress in learning the embouchure for the flute and I could use it anywhere without making much noise. However, it is not very portable and it is hard to store because of its peculiar shape. Otherwise it is a unique idea that added great pleasure to practicing.
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Reviewed by:  from San Fransisco, CA. on 4/23/2017
5 Stars
For 50 years & now on my 6th teacher, I have played the flute...badly... Pneumo Pro revolutionized my understanding of how notes are produced by the flutist. I am finally able to get lowest C, & 3rd octave F# with increasing consistency. The addition of colorful "fins" was a brilliant touch. Demonstrating the Pneumo Pro, I can show my grandchildren how surprisingly complex this deceptively simple appearing instrument is! Peter (72 years old)
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Issaquah, Wa. on 3/25/2017
5 Stars
Metamorphosis of Embouchure
A seventh grader in my studio was struggling to breathe and could not ever ascend or descend passages without cracking. She also played out of the side of her mouth with a very slanted posture. A dedicated and highly motivated Honor Band player, she was able to completely reset her embouchure in just three weeks utilizing the Pneumo Pro! It took some convincing to keep the flute case closed for five days; however, with a scripted progression from wind director only to head joint to whole flute, she was able to transform her posture, embouchure, and sound. She now plays effortlessly with a relaxed embouchure and has eliminated her jaw, neck, and arm pain. She is overjoyed at her metamorphosis! You have returned the love of music to many flutists who previously struggled to make a clear, beautiful and resonant tone. Kudos to Mrs. Blocki for this ingenous invention!
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Reviewed by:  from Kathleen, GA. on 2/17/2017
4 Stars
Not Indestructible
I absolutely LOVE this device! The only thing I don't care for us the whole thing is plastic. My college flute professor had one of the old purple ones and those things were indestructible! I wish Kathi still sold the old ones...or at least a good protective case for these new ones. Thanks for your comments Alex The old one was indestructible, BUT it became so expensive that students could not afford to buy them. The price of having each made at a tool shop kept going up, and I imagine the retail price would have become about $100.00. Also you could not put them in the flute. This has been extremely helpful for students and professionals wanting to practice in hotel rooms. I have yet to see the yellow part broken and the also the new fans spin much better and are made of special self lubricating material. The only part we have seen break is the black prong. As long as the fans are kept on the Pneumo Pro, this should not be a problem.
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia, US. on 2/15/2018
5 Stars
Very Effective Tool
This clever gadget is a very effective way to visualize the direction and strength of the air column. My students find it fun and engaging.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Oakland, CA. on 12/11/2016

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